The Concatenator

The Concatenator published


The final page has been turned, the last word has been written down, and the printing press is gearing up. The Concatenator is now available to order. After so many years of hard work, such an announcement is a big moment. We're very happy with the final result and we hope you like it as well. We've pickedĀ a very nice painting by John William Waterhouse for the cover. Head ...


Book nearly finished

We are now entering the last phase of the completion of the book. We have some final text corrections ahead of us, and we have a nice challenge in deciding what the cover will look like, but for ...

Technological slaves

In todays modern society technology is a development that is here to stay. Nearly all of us use a mobile phone, tablet, computer, microwave, car, airplane, moving staircase, elevator, etc. on a ...

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